Cloud Phone System Advantages

CHUCS: Why We’re Better

cisco-cloud-hybrid-uc-voip-voiceQuality Experience for SMB’s

Finally, an affordable and reliable Unified Communications solution that actually delivers on the promises of the Cloud.

NexCloud presents the next generation of VoIP and Unified Communications: Cloud Hybrid UC. CHUCS is a custom-built, single PBX solution for your many offices and mobile workers.

In partnership with Cisco Systems, Inc. CHUCS is architected by our IT experts to provide the best elements of hosted and on-premise for the most flexible, most powerful, most secure and most resilient UC solution available anywhere. All this for a simple, low monthly price.

One PBX to rule them all. This is CHUCS.




cisco-cloud-hybrid-uc-voip-voiceWHY WE’RE BETTER

At NexCloud, we actually took our time to carefully design, develop and architect our next generation service with the help of Cisco-Certified Internetwork Experts (CCIEs)

Our solution addresses all the problems of hosted and on-premise VoIP and offers several distinct advantages over our competitors:

  • Hybrid, not hosted
  • No upgrade costs
  • Better than on-premise
  • Custom-tailored
  • 100% Powered By Cisco
  • Cisco-certified IT Support, US-Based



cisco-cloud-hybrid-uc-voip-voiceHYBRID, NOT HOSTED

Better than hosted and on-premise. Unlike our competitors, our solution offers multiple trunk and connectivity options:

  • We can provide the dial-tone, or you can bring your own trunks (e.g., POTS, PRI, SIP, etc.).
  • Connect to our Cloud securely over the Internet, or via a dedicated private connection.
  • Leverage our expertise to prepare and manage your LAN infrastructure, or follow our guidelines to refresh it yourself.

The options are virtually limitless in order to provide you–the customer–with the solution you need.





cisco-cloud-hybrid-uc-voip-voiceNo upgrade costs

Technology evolves, and your PBX is no different. PBX upgrades average 10%-20% of the total cost of your system every 3-5 years. This is something PBX manufacturers don’t like to talk about until after you’ve purchased your system. Most businesses don’t understand to budget for these costs.

With CHUCS, you never pay for upgrades. We ensure your PBX is on the latest stable software release in order to take advantage of the latest features and bug fixes.

It’s like getting a new PBX for free!





cisco-cloud-hybrid-uc-voip-voiceBetter than On-premise

Ours is the only Cloud-based UC solution that truly replicates the reliability of an on-premise phone system. Choose from multiple layers of redundancy:

  • Bring your own trunks, leverage our bundled SIP dial-tone, or use both.
  • Connect to our cloud via an inexpensive single connection, or replicate on-premise with multiple redundant connections.
  • The choices are virtually limitless.

No matter how you choose to connect to our Cloud, we always use industrial strength security via Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), or dedicated private lines, for your peace of mind.

And just when you think your business will outgrow our solution, think again. Our service can scale to over 50,000 handsets for a single customer, and cover 1000’s of offices dispersed throughout the world.





“I’m sorry, we cannot do that.” Have you heard this from your current hosted VoIP provider? This is an all-too-often occurrence with our competitors.

Each and every Cloud Phone Solution we deliver is custom-built, from scratch. That means that we will engineer and configure your system according to your specific needs.

With CHUCS, there is no shared infrastructure or cross-pollination with other customers. It’s like purchasing your own, dedicated phone system.

Everything from your dial plan, to call routing, to phone features, to voicemail, etc. is designed and implemented from the ground up to accommodate your unique business requirements.




cisco-cloud-hybrid-uc-voip-voice100% POWERED BY CISCO

Cisco Systems, Inc. is the undisputed world leader in VoIP and Unified Communications. In fact, Cisco invented the actual protocol that allows your voice to travel over the internet.

Unlike our competitors, our entire cloud infrastructure solution runs 100% on Cisco hardware and software for best-in-class reliability, security, flexibility and performance. No other hosted VoIP provider can make these claims. This is an important advantage in that a single vendor solution from Cisco offers truer interoperability and more seamless compatibility than the “Frankenstein” approach of our competitors. We “build” corners, where our competitors cut theirs at your expense.

Also unlike our competitors, we don’t offer just a couple of different models of Cisco handsets. CHUCS leverages the full lineup of Cisco’s award-winning soft and hard handsets and video end points. Choose from dozens of options to meet your unique business needs.



cisco-cloud-hybrid-uc-voip-voiceCISCO-CERTIFIED IT SUPPORT, US-BASED

Our support staff is US-based and 100% of our staff engineers are Cisco-certified. We know what it takes to support your environment and keep things running smoothly. We leverage cutting-edge technology, seamless processes and expert people to provide world-class support to you and your business.

Just ask 10 years of successfully serviced customers.


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