Cisco’s SD-WAN, the Superior Option

September 25th, 2020
Cisco’s SD-WAN, the Superior Option

Cisco SD-WAN has the best Networking Money Can Buy

As one might expect, Cisco's greatest advantage in the SD-WAN space is its position as one of the world's leading developers and distributors of network equipment. Decades of expertise have helped them craft an SD-WAN product with a number of key advantages over the competition when it comes to networking.

These advantages start in the deployment phase, as opting in to Cisco's SD-WAN solution is as simple as a single software update. While other solutions require adding new and costly equipment, companies which already utilize Cisco devices won't need to feel any such financial sting. All modern Cisco devices come with SD-WAN compatibility either built in or a single firmware update away.

Cisco's SD-WAN solution isn't just cheaper, however, as it also boasts access to Cisco's proprietary advanced routing protocols that other solutions can't lay claim to. Even clients who operate with multiple high-latency environments or connections can enjoy the convenience of SD-WAN with Cisco thanks to their unique set of routing optimizations designed with such environments in mind.

Cisco SD-WAN is The Secure Alternative

Cisco is not merely a major player in the hardware space, however. They have long been one of the biggest players in the network security sector as well. Naturally, Cisco's SD-WAN solution is fully integrated with Cisco's existing suite of security solutions such as Umbrella DNS security and Talos threat intelligence.

Cisco SD-WAN customers can expect to enjoy advanced visibility and defense capabilities for any behavioral anomalies on any part of their active SD-WAN infrastructure. What's more, they'll also benefit from Cisco's advanced decryption and threat intelligence infrastructure, which easily detects and eliminates key threats long before they start threatening valuable endpoints.

Cisco SD-WAN Has Best-in-class Product Support

Finally, on the off chance customers run into any issues Cisco's SD-WAN also boasts a best-in-class support team. Cisco is there to help via phone or online support any time technical issues might arise, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Each client also has a dedicates account manager who will help provide accountability and continuity in their relationship with Cisco, as well as help coordinate any product replacements which might become necessary, replacements which Cisco can put in their clients' hands the very next day.

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