Four Reasons You Need Cisco Email Security

October 12th, 2020
Four Reasons You Need Cisco Email Security

Cisco's Superior Threat Recognition

Cisco Email Security provides swift and comprehensive threat assessment backed by Talos, Cisco's global threat intelligence network. Talos reviews over 6 billion email each day, giving it a footprint second to none. Talos constantly analyzes anomalies and uncovers new threats, so when a new zero-hour attack strike your business can rest easy knowing Talos has already automatically set new rules in place to protect your valuable data. New safeguards against rising threats are raised every 3-5 minutes, limiting your exposure to any new threat before it can have the chance to spread.

Cisco Email Security's Phishing and Spam Protection

Malware threats are far from the only threat facing the modern business, however. Social engineering attacks utilizing phishing or other methods of disguise are no less dangerous than their more technically advanced kin, and often are far more dangerous. Cisco Email Security protects against these threats with a combination of advanced machine-learning algorithms and local email intelligence. Spam and phishing emails will quickly become a thing of the past with Cisco Email Intelligence, as the majority of reviewers report such issues disappear entirely upon adopting the service.

Cisco's Outbound Protection

Cisco Email Security doesn't merely protect against incoming threat, it also ensures that any outgoing critical information remains secure. Cisco Email Security offers everything you need to protect your outgoing data, whether it be extensive DLP services or best-in-class encryption. Encryption services include offerings which meet any level of regulation-mandated encryption -- even HIPAA and PCIDS. These encryption services are non-intrusive and non-mandatory, so they won't impact users that don't need to make use of them.

Cisco Email Security is Easily Manageable

Best of all, all of Cisco Email Security's features are easily accessible and easily manageable! Cisco Email Security features universal device support, so users don't need to worry if their specific brand of smartphone or tablet is covered. The platform was designed from the ground up to ensure that secure messages are easily available for viewing on any device. Administrators also have access to a centralized and customizable dashboard that offers comprehensive insights from across the organization. Details regarding any intrusions are easily accessible from the dashboard, making all of the information you need to protect your organization at most a click away!


Interested in implementing a Cisco Email Security solution for you business but not sure where to start? We’ll make sure your business is equipped with the right technologies that will empower your business. Schedule a free consultation today!

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