Webex Teams, Cisco’s Integrated Collaboration App

September 11th, 2020
Webex Teams, Cisco’s Integrated Collaboration App

This time last year collaboration apps were already becoming the life’s blood of any business, regardless of size. Services like Slack and Microsoft Teams have constantly increased in popularity over the years for a reason: communication is essential for productivity and these apps make instant long-distance communication a triviality. The current health crisis has only made the need for these applications all the more apparent, as shouting (or walking) across the office is no longer a valid method of communication for the majority of the world’s workforce. Enter Webex Teams, the most feature-rich and integrated collaboration app on the market which combines Cisco’s brand of unbreakable security with an intuitive and powerful interface.

Integration is one of Webex Teams’ headline features, and as such it features a variety of solutions to enable an uninterrupted workflow. Teams boasts effective integrations with the majority of commonly used productivity offerings like Office 365, Google Cloud, and Microsoft OneDrive. Task boards liked Trello, Asana, and Jira also have supported integrations which, when combined with Office 365’s integration, will keep users organized and on-task throughout their day. You can even share files from integrated cloud drives directly through the Teams app, eliminating the need to switch apps in the middle of a critical discussion or presentation. Best of all, these integrations are all set up on an organization-wide scale and require little user input, so it’s simple to get off the ground.

Companies which frequently need to collaborate with outside parties will be amongst those who most enjoy Webex Teams. This is due to Webex Team’s unique infrastructure allowing users to easily contact other users outside their organization. Users are free to send messages, start meetings with, and even share productivity spaces with members of outside organizations they share email addresses with. Doing so sacrifices nothing: not Team’s top notch security, not its streamlined interface, nor the previously mentioned integrations.

Finally, Webex Teams, like all Webex products, prides itself on its interoperability. Teams takes this shared aspect of the Webex suite to the next level, however, as it natively supports most of the functions present in Webex Calling and Webex Meetings as long as the user is subscribed to those services. Meetings which are scheduled in Webex Meetings can easily be joined from Teams instead. Impromptu meetings can also easily be created from within Teams with the push of a button, Meetings which features the same easy interface and clear connection that makes Webex Meetings a market leader. Furthermore, users with an active Webex Calling plan can even use Webex Teams to make and receive calls, all from the ease of the same app they use for collaboration and meetings.

For businesses with operations that demand integrated infrastructure and top-brand security there can be no question that Webex Teams is the best and most integrated collaboration app on the market.

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