Cyber Security Services

Keep your customers, employees, and proprietary information safe with comprehensive IT security solutions

Ubisec knows that to stay competitive, you need to fully utilize digital technologies such as email, business tools, and communication apps without being exposed to significant risk. Our team of IT security experts is trained to monitor, isolate, and eliminate even the most sophisticated threats that can infiltrate your network and cost you your customers, your reputation, or your business.

Other features of Ubisec’s Cybersecurity solution include:

  • Managed Firewall Services – cutting-edge security applications and firewalls to protect you from malware, hackers, and other online threats
  • Intrusion Prevention – we monitor and analyze network traffic for malicious activity or other actions that violate an organization’s security protocols
  • Security Assessments – comprehensive IT vulnerability checks to uncover at-risk points and recommendations on how to strengthen them
  • Managed Endpoint Security – we install, deploy, and manage security measures across all devices and endpoints
  • Managed SIEM Solutions – centralized system controls that provide a holistic, enterprise-wide view of all network activities
  • Managed Email Security – protect your communication tools from phishing and hacking attempts
  • Managed Web Security – block risky websites with content, URL, and web filtering
  • Data Backup and Recovery – design and implementation of cloud data backup and business continuity plans

How protected are you from hackers and their malware?

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