Data Recovery Services

Prepare for any emergency so your business can get back up and running after any incident

Make your business ready for whatever the future holds. Ubisec’s Backup and Disaster Recovery manages and monitors your tapeless data backups to ensure that they are redundant and ready to be recovered. We also regularly test each step in your disaster recovery plan to ensure they work as intended when the need arises.

Benefits of Ubisec’s Backup and Disaster Recovery service include:

  • Comprehensive assessment of all your business continuity needs
  • Professionally developed policies that mitigate risks right after a disaster
  • Automated data backups ensure you have your most recent files saved in real time
  • Proper backup execution ensured with 24/7 monitoring
  • Thoroughly tested recovery plans
  • Remote or on-site support you can rely on

Do you have peace of mind with the integrity of your backups?

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