Orange County
Los Angeles
East Coast
We are a local service oriented business - a startup. As we moved our business into our office space in July of 2020, we looked to Ubisec for our network and telecom needs. The process began with a conversation with Ubisec to understand our business, how we operate (current state), our resources, as well as projection of what the future may looked like. Then Ubisec came back with proposals and options while keeping in mind the constraints we have as a startup. Once we decided on the solutions, Ubisec's team was quick to help implement and get us up and going. We didn't have to be concerned about setup and configuration. Since then, we have been operating smoothly without having to worry about our network and telecom issues while trying to grow the business. When issues arise, Ubisec is just an email or phone call away. They respond quickly, get to the root of issue, and solve it quickly. If the issue is not an immediate fix, the Ubisec team will always set the expectation on follow-up. Thank you Ubisec team! You have made things easy so we can focus on our business.
Mike Huang

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