SD-WAN as a Service

Address the challenges in high bandwidth costs and non-flexibility of MPLS or legacy WAN

Address the challenges of high bandwidth costs, unreliable connections and single points-of-failure in your WAN.

If you want to transform your network to meet your growing needs, you need to look further than aging and legacy WAN technologies to accomplish your goals. MPLS is expensive and does not integrate seamlessly with other public WAN transports, so leveraging it for today’s cloud-centric world is not a wise investment. Additionally, to scale up an MPLS network, purchasing additional hardware and paying more for WAN optimization is required. VPN is still a viable option for the WAN, but it’s inflexible and complex to manage, administer and troubleshoot. In short, traditional legacy networks are an old, expensive and obsolete option for today’s digital businesses.

Ubisec’s SD-WAN as a Service is the solution. Our partnership with Cisco Systems allows us to efficiently deploy, monitor, manage, and optimize your WANs. Using our cutting-edge cloud SDN technologies, we offer fast and easy on-boarding, reliable and secure connectivity, and seamless operation. By signing up for our SD-WAN as a Service offering, you can take control of interconnecting any site— branch offices, data centers, public and private cloud, and so much more—using any transport.

Ubisec’s SD-WAN as a Service not only lets you save money but also:

  • Optimize cloud and on-premises software performance, resulting in increased productivity
  • Deploy cloud security solutions to protect users, devices, and software
  • Simplify management with a centralized console for fast deployment and consistent policies
  • Enjoy flexibility and maximum control with a cloud-first infrastructure
  • Improves WAN resiliency and redundancy for peace of mind

Cisco SD-WAN

Securely connect any user to any location or cloud, across any platform

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