Ubisec makes virtualization
a reality for SMB

If your staff can’t get its work done, then your business isn’t running efficiently. In this age of digitization, there’s so much to be gained by virtualizing your desktops and apps. But digital transformation isn’t always as easy as it seems. It’s especially difficult for SMBs with limited or no IT staff to lead the charge.

What’s getting in your way?

Hardware sprawl and lifecycle management headaches

No control, security, or visibility over users’ hardware

Variety of devices delivering inconsistent user experiences

Unsure of what virtual solutions work best for you

No resources to manage, maintain, and optimize it

Ubisec makes virtualization a reality for SMB

There’s a lot that can hold you back, but Ubisec has the solution to break down what gets in the way of your virtualization transformation.

Ubisec simplifies digital transformation for SMB

We specialize in solutions for small and mid-size businesses with years of experience, industry certifications, and proven capabilities to:

Design, build, implement, and manage for customers of all sizes

Deliver customized and budget-ready solutions for small businesses

Offer leading virtualization solutions, including Cisco HyperFlex and VMware Horizon

Succeed with a flexible and scalable desktop virtualization solution

Cisco HyperFlex and VMware Horizon, together, give you a complete hyperconverged desktop virtualization solution. With this solution, you get support for higher-performing virtual desktops and applications with better performance and lower latency.


  • Move faster and simplify deployment
  • Deliver persistent and nonpersistent virtual desktops


  • Scale linearly and automatically optimize data
  • Achieve faster end-user response times


  • Increase virtual desktop density and optimize storage
  • Reduce initial costs with a pay-as-you-grow model

Reduced Risk

  • Radically simplify solution deployments
  • Implement end-to-end deployment best practices

Lower TCO

  • Streamline onboarding and enhance user productivity
  • Reduce device maintenance, support, and downtime

With Ubisec, Cisco HyperFlex, and VMware Horizon, you’re on your way to:

  • Reducing hardware complexity, waste, and depreciation
  • Streamlining desktop management with a single infrastructure
  • Enhancing your security posture, IT efficiency, and manageability
  • Increasing control of your entire desktop environment
  • Driving efficiency and reducing stress on your IT department
  • Delivering consistent end-user experiences—anywhere
  • Getting more out of your desktop virtualization investment

Why choose Ubisec?

We know how to help you improve operations, increase ROI, and secure a competitive edge

We build long-term partnerships, providing support and guidance for your business growth

We know how to help you improve operations, increase ROI, and secure a competitive edge

We provide tailored and customized technology solutions without compromise

We deliver enterprise-class solutions regardless of industry or size of your business

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