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Webex Calling — The Future of Cloud-Based Telecommunications

With predictions for how long the world’s current dalliance with remote work will last now stretching well into next year, organizations the world over have been looking for ways to move services that were previously taken for granted onto new platforms which make them accessible the world over. Chief among these services is one of the most critical of all: telephone service. A year ago cloud-based phone systems were merely a curiosity, but the current situation has made them nearly a necessity. The foremost offering among these fledglings services is none other than Webex Calling, Cisco’s premier offering in the world of cloud-based telecommunications.

The strongest asset in Webex Calling’s arsenal happens to also be one considered most critical for many businesses: price. A Webex Calling user seat isn’t just a competitive option relative to other cloud calling options in terms of price, in most cases it is a downright cheaper one. Furthermore, for just a minor fee that user seat can be upgraded to have access to the entire Cisco Webex suite, including their popular communications platforms Webex Teams and Webex Meetings, both of which see extensive use by Fortune 500 companies and governmental entities alike. Most importantly, though, none of these applications are tied to a physical phone. The entire Webex suite is accessible via both desktop and smartphone apps. Not only is Webex Calling an affordable and secure offering, it’s also an integrated and globally accessible one.

Getting onto Webex Calling isn’t merely a low investment when it comes to price, however. Webex Calling’s flexible and ever-expanding set of PSTN provider plans ensures that organizations new to the service have a bevy of options to choose from to meet their needs. The flexibility doesn’t end there, however, as if none of Cisco’s standard providers can properly service a new organization they’re also free to bring their own carrier, which also ensures minimal service disruptions during the transition to Webex Calling. Organizations with multiple disparate sites haven’t been overlooked by Webex Calling either, and such organizations can seamlessly integrate any number of PSTN providers into their plan using Webex’s Locations system, which allows you to keep users, numbers, and features organized by which site office they apply to.

Fortunately, Webex Calling also makes managing all of these options easier than ever thanks to its centrally managed control hub. The Webex Admin Hub makes it easy to find any necessary information about the system, regardless of the number sites, users, or services an organization possesses. Changes to any part of the phone system can be easily managed from any location without the need for a VPN or any other specialized tools.

Webex Calling’s cloud-based telecommunications technology is far from the only Cisco product which helps make long-term remote work possible, however. Check out our descriptions of Cisco SecureX, Cisco’s premier security platform, and our analysis of the best video conferencing systems on the market.

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